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Permission to Come Aboard...

Big Bill 3

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Hello from Virginia.  I have been fishing the thousand islands since the 80's. Been on Lake Ontario with the Fish Doctor out of Oswego as recently as July, and my Dad had a house on Cayuga Lake and fished there. My uncle John, the old man of the lake, showed me how to pull wire from a Jute box. I love it up there on the Great Lakes and hope to be up there in Sept. Sorry to ramble but I appreciate the welcome.  

So again, permission to come aboard Thanks


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Welcome Big Bill, hope to read some of your reports soon!! Sept, Oct, and mid Nov. are my favorite times of the year and to fish. Feel free to ask questions if you feel the need to do so, as there are some of the most knowledgeable folks from all different lakes on this board and they are more than willing to help anyone out. I can tell you these guys helped me out a lot, just by reading the posts in the different areas has helped me. Welcome aboard and enjoy!! PAP.

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