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Kevin J Legg

A couple at Henderson.

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 We started setting up before sunrise and immediately began marking numerous fish and some bait. Most fish were down 100-130 near the bottom. Set two dipsy rods and two riggers and didn't move a rod for a while. Changed up depths and leads and finally had one on the dipsy with FF out 300. By now the charters were in the area working water inside us but soon they too were fishing in the 120-135 fow range. An hour latter the other dipsy rod took a hit and we landed our second fish of the morning again on a green dot flasher and green home-tied fly.  Another hour and another scream on the dipsy. Unfortunately this one dropped off right at boat-side at the net.

 We had a couple releases off the rigger but never had a fish on a rigger rod. Tried spoon and FF with cheater spoons and various leads but couldn't get them to fire. Also ran a 400 copper  with spoon, FF and J plug which had no takers. Today seemed to be a wire dipsy day for us.

Both fish were males about 16 lbs.



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Went 0 for 5 on Friday all ff off rigger fished Mexico Monday morning big 0 got to Henderson about 2 went 6 for 7 all mid 20 kings fishers this morning Went 2 for. 6 all ff in 127 to 135 dropped 2 on dipsey out 375 all fishing hugging bottom

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