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Wanted Help... Mag 10 A parts

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So I got all excited yesterday that I sold my boat, had a few wobble pops in the garage and began the winter storage routine of my fishing gear in my garage loft.  While standing on the top of my step ladder not realizing what I was trying to pull to the right to make more room was attached to one of my Cannon Mag 10a downriggers, I began to fall off the ladder - chris farley like.  I did catch myself from falling 10 feet down but unfortunately watched in greater agony one of riggers taking a nosedive down to the concrete floor below....only broke the motor body and the base (yes - how did that break?) though.   So, does anyone out there have any old 10a's laying around for parts?  maybe the motor blew and your like me - don't throw anything away.  If so, let me - PM me - whatever and let me know what it will cost me.  I will pick up.  And yes, I know 10a's are slow dinosaurs but I am one of those guys that was in tears when my truck finally kicked it with 300k miles on it.  Thanks in advance.

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