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Got an interesting duck today.

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Hunted the cohocton river today. We saw flocks of mallards and blacks drop into a swamp that borders it as well as a few flocks of a small fast duck we couldn't identify. Ice chunks kept ducks off the river in te morning so we decided to go take a look at the swamp. Had we hunted the swamp like we thought about, we would have probably limited. we Jumped alot of ducks off the swamp. My buddy shot one that looked like a hen mallard to we got our hands on it. It was too small to be a mallard and lacked the blue speculum. I believe by the speculum that this is a gadwall.post-148029-14201338328044_thumb.jpg

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Awsome job! We too killed a rare bird today, a hybrid Black/ Mallards! Pretty cool, we also saw 8 mature Pintail!! Thought we were going to get a shot at the first 3 that came through. A big flock of like 30 Mallard appeared and sucked are Pintail right from our grasp! Definitely at the top of my list of birds I want! It was probably the most nervous I've ever been in a duck blind. Congrats again!

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