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Shakedown trip on the Reel Happy 4/25 launched out of Stony Creek and met up with some not so nice waves crashing in from the NW. Toughed it out for a 1hr troll and plucked a nice fat Laker and 2 misses. Temps 38-39.5... All hits on Bay Rats... Spoons were not touched.

Headed in and went back out of Henderson to play around looking for stray Browns and picked up an accidental Male Walleye. He was quickly returned after a fast photo. Was my little brother's first walleye ever. He's Autistic and loves to be on the boat and wants to reel in more fish this year. He was so confused when I said we have to throw him back... He looked at me in a blank stare like "you're joking, right?" Haha next weekend I told him... Temps 42-46. Few pics for viewing pleasure.




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Awsome job. i am glad u started this up again, i loved watching the progression of ur fishing pictures last season, it was my favorite post to follow. u sure have those fish dialed in up their. kudos for taking ur brother out that something he will remember.

tight lines

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Thanks SharkHunter! Glad to keep it going another year!

Opening day of Walleye went great on the Reel Happy. My Dad, younger Brother and I kicked off the dock at 5:45AM and had 3 in the boat before 6:30AM. Slowly picked away at them for a few hours and called it after lunch on the boat. Got back to the dock at 1:00PM with a respectable 7 Walleye haul. Decent start to the season and glad to see it's going to be another banner year!

Bombers. RipSticks. Caught fish in 15-50 FOW. One weighed 10lb 6oz, and the slob on the right weighed 12lb 7oz. Rest were 6-8lbs.








(7 fish taken with 3 of us aboard; someone had to take the picture, that was me.)

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Nice going Fleet, you are a true champ for taking a special needs person fishing, I'm sure he looked at you like your from Mars having to put that quality of a fish back, but you made up for it today. Congrats to your banner day!!! Maybe I'll see you this week on the water. PAP.

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Left the dock at 5:00AM for an earlier start and plans to do numbers like yesterday...

The winds late yesterday sure did change the fishing today though and that's why I love fishing Ontario. It's always a challenge and things can change dramatically in just a few hours or overnight. Found temps 8+ degrees warmer than yesterday with little to no bait or hooks on the screen. Bounced around a bit and picked up 2 nice big Eyes, a nice Pike, and a bonus Brown. Back at the dock at 11:00AM for lunch.

Same hardware as yesterday.





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Left the dock at 5:30AM, in by 10:00AM. Got 2 eyes today doing things a little different then the last 2 days.

Headed back home... Gotta work for a few days. Back up here Thursday night for another long weekend.



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Absolute Laker shellacking today. Me and my Buddy Bill (dertracker) pushed off the dock with my little boat at 5:30AM and decided we had enough with the Walleye and time to try something different.

3,4,5,6 color cores off big boards and riggers at 15' and 25' all day over 60-90fow. Went 23 for 28 on some huge Lake Trout and caught one confused Smallmouth. All spoons.

Absolutely beautiful day for fishing and a fire drill on the boat with two dudes. Doubled 4x and tripled once. One of those days you'll remember for quite a while... Time to ice our reeling shoulders. Back at it tomorrow.


















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Thanks Dave!!! Do it quick!!!

Almost forgot the catch wall... Kept a 32" and 34" laker out of slot and twin 28" fish within the slot.


And a shot with my newborn son, Hunter, who was really into the fish hanging. Can't wait to get the little man on the boat in a few years fishing with me.


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Fleet the pics of the trout are really nice!! But the one with little fleet is priceless, what a handsome young man you got there!! They grow up fast. It seems like yesterday we brought our daughters home and now they are 10 and chomping.at the bit to hit lakeO, I just wish I could get onto a banner day like you had with the girls, about 5 years ago we had a similar experience with the smallies between sunken isl. and Galloo isl, we must have caught 100 fish and that's no exaggeration, it was late in the evening and just about dark till we got the boat on the trailer. Went back the next day with my cousin and couldn't buy a hit, funny how that works. Just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Tight lines to you and stay on those eyes I might need some advice next time up. Pm me your cell # so I can get in touch with you!! Thanks PAP.

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Took a quick trip out today with a young man who just turned 8 from camp who has been dying to go out with me... His parents let him come and boy was he excited. Just look at that smile!! He's hooked now.

Beautiful day and tried hard to get him his first Walleye ever but went 0 for 3 on eyes and of course landed both Pike that were on the line. He just could not keep the rod tip up toward the end of the fight and was so anxious to SEE the fish and when that rod tip dropped it's automatic almost every time... Fish Gone. The one was a few feet from the net and I was about to make the reach for it and I caught a glimpse of the rod tip fly by my leg downward and before I could help him raise it the fish got off. Was a good 8+lber too. It hurt me more than it hurt him... I can't stand losing eyes but he would just shrug his shoulders, look at me, and say "we'll get the next one, don't worry". What a day for patience practice for me... Haha! Great time with the little dude he had a blast!







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My youngest brother, Darryl, is out visiting from Colorado this week so I wanted to show him how we do things out here. Mission Accomplished!

My Dad, two brothers and I finished with a Grand Slam after 6+ hours of trolling in Thick Fog! Went 21 for 27 and boated Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Steelhead, and yes... Early Spring Kings on the East End!! Boated 3 of them and lost 3 others all on Light Tackle 12lb test. What a great day to introduce him to Lake Ontario!

Kept 5 Lakers, a Brown, a Steelhead, and 3 Kings.

















You know it's a great day when it's hard to bring in your big boards due to too many releases in the water!! Haha


Me and my little dude, Hunter, with today's catch.


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Hit the same area as yesterday and started off absolutely terrible... Went 0 for 5 to start and then I broke the ice and brought in the 6th hook up to show the guys how it's done. Laker. Brother got another laker shortly after and we finished with another nice King! 3 for 9 today and back in for lunch. Storms coming this afternoon through tomorrow so should mix things up again... Challenge accepted Lake O!




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