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DJ 17

Smoked Salmon Fettucinni Alfredo

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Super Simple, and Tasty


Prepare the Fettuccini to your liking. I highly suggest salting the water when you boil it.


Make up your favorite alfredo sauce( see alfredo sauce on cooks.com) lots of options there, or you can use store bought if you like.  I was in a pinch the other day and used Wegmans Italian Classics Alfredo sauce and it was pretty good.


Smoke your salmon however you like as long as you smoke it long enough so you can flake it into small bite size pieces easily.  Combine your sauce and the salmon flakes with fresh parsley and let it gently simmer as low as possible.  I think this step is very important because it allows the salmon flavor to permeate the sauce.


Pour sauce over your fettuccini sprinkle on more fresh parsley and enjoy!

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