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Needed some super glue today, dropped 3 of 4. One steelie in the boat. Had to do some surgery on him, he had line wrapped around him and cutting right through his skin all the way around. Looked like he got wrapped up and then grew into the line. He should be happier now. He was on a bay rat goby. Dropped what felt like a decent brown on a Finger Lakes mag size. Green, white and red. Dropped what definitely felt like a teenager king on an NK mag purple thunder and dropped another probable teenager king on a Finger Lakes JP1. Couple other hits but no one home. Pretty much stayed in the 60-80 fow range. Majority of the marks were right off I-Bay. Water was real clear and cold east of Shipbuilders. There were marks off the river but not as many as I-Bay.

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Not a bad day overall.  Had issues ourselves.  It was fast and furious right at dawn and then nothing. Went 3 for 4 on kings and 1 for 1 on a laker.

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