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Next weekend pro/am tourny......

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These changes were implemented without any feedback from the majority of the am fishermen Paul.

Every rule change pissed of a few more guys while we watched the pro division remain untouched.

If rules were changed to satisfy a couple boats it should not have been done and the entry level was on a slow but steady decline over the coarse of 3 or 4 years.

Open communication was the last nail in the coffin.

I agree with you completely Glen which is why I'm no longer on the committee. But my original statement still stands that the Am division has ALWAYS been contentious and full of discord for years--both east and west.

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A big thing is that the Am division is far more diverse in terms of the skill levels of the teams involved. You have beginners to teams that probably "should" be fishing pro.  That's causes a lot of contention and it creates a dynamic that doesn't exist in the Pro division.  The better teams want the rules to be more challenging because in the end a challenging format tilts the scale in their favor.  The beginners want less fish and simple rules so they feel they have a chance to win. 


That is simply a dynamic that does not exist in the Pro division so it's apples and oranges really.


I thought The Sodus Pro Am got it right a few years ago with the AM format and while I was involved a little the first year there were no complaints that I am aware of.  The Am's are part of the main event, and not treated like a sideshow as they are in Niagara.  


This year, I think Oswego has changed up the Am format a bit to be similar to that of Sodus.  There will ALWAYS be whiners but they can't be allowed to run the show.  Put together a good set of fair rules and stick with it. If you get it right the real teams will eventually buy in.

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Start by saying CONGRATS to everyone in last weeks PRO-AM


To me it’s about who you’re fishing against, could anyone go out there and win - yes. It’s about the odds and only that. I'm sure there's times a weekend fisherman caught bigger and more fish than a captain, but if I were to place a bet - my take will always be to bet with a captain. I'm sure I will come out a winner.


The numbers in last week’s tournament should sum everything up. There were 7 spots were paid out in the Classic Division - 6 of them were Captains. Sorry those odds tell me to keep my $. Take a look back to prior years; this was not something out of the ordinary. I'm not telling anyone they should or shouldn't fish; I'm just sharing my thoughts on how the Niagara tournaments are balanced.


I hope this tournament lives on for another 30 years; it’s always hard to get everyone to agree ESPECIALLY when it comes to MONEY..........

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