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Chasing the steelies and kings from Hughes


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Admiral Byrd and I gave it a shot from 4PM -8;30PM tonight  and targeted the steelhead and kings  out in the depths. We motored out to 600 plus ft. and kept trolling NW out to 680 ft and then turned back south and then when  we reached 658 ft  we saw a nice steelie jumping in back of the boat  and he was on the 5 color leadcore on the outrigger and it was then "game on" Bob had his hands full as this guy jumped roughly 30 times and I'm not exaggerating....I thought it might be an Atlantic at first because of it. The fish was literally out of the water more than he was in it all the way to the boat.   A while later in about 600 ft. the downrigger went off and I had a jumper as well on the slider which had a prototype Revolution spoon I was trying out  (not a production color but one I taped) and the steelie really slammed it and took line a bunch of times as well as jumped. These spoons work beautifully. We trolled further into 483 ft and Bob had another nice steelie on the downrigger. Trolled for a long time without any hits and we didn't mark hardly any fish or bait whatsoever while out there. On the way in trolling Bob had a double one off the rigger (got off near boat either small steelie or king) and one on a Walleye board  with 4 color leadcore which was a small but healthy king released unharmed. All of  the fish came from within the top 40 ft of water and we went 5 for 5.  NO fleas were noted but the biting flies were pretty bad and they especially loved bob's feet :lol:  It was a great time out there and beautiful weather and sweet sunset.


I think Bob may have secretly been jealous  that my fish was bigger than either of his so he didn't want my face recognized with the catch......aren't you glad you didn't hire him to take YOUR wedding pics? :lol:





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Nice going Les, nice to hear and see you out on the bigO, the water looks like glass you couldn't have mail ordered a better day weather wise, congrats to you and Bob on your day. Take care Les and thanks for the in depth report and nice pics. Pap.

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