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Had a chance to troll Monday morning and took a friend out for the first time....Set up in 175FOW and headed north at around 7:15AM. Had riggers at 65 and 80 with free sliding cheaters. Took a steelhead in around 210FOW on the 80 rigger loaded with a proking lure. Not many marks and no bait around, but still kicked around out there. Picked up another Steelhead off the dipsey set at 180, loaded with a 42nd spinny and green-black fly in 190FOW. There were some large marks, but were very deep 100-120FOW. Finally moved in and found some better screens in the 175FOW range. Caught a nice brown on a free slider armed with a firecracker over 180FOW. Not a lot of action, but boy was it nice to get out there again....

Bucka Pinespost-139996-0-52023900-1436889746_thumb.jpgpost-139996-0-89437900-1436889793_thumb.jpgpost-139996-0-66298800-1436889839_thumb.jpg

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