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Fished hard for the better part of 5 days when the weather allowed. Caught a combination of pretty much everything, shakers to 25 pounders and everything in between. Had a nice Atlantic as well. Rainbows were scarce but those we caught were all nice. Most matures came on dipsies with green flasher/flies on copper. Spoon bites early am with Puke and mongoose being the top producers. Biggest fish of the trip came on an orange puke down the chute on 300 feet of copper. Surface temps ranged from inside 69 to 62.5 in 200 feet. Rigger hits came from 75 to 90 down over 150 to 220.

Overall a pretty productive trip with good conditions and decent fishing.

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Going out to Port Hope on Sunday at 5;00 ,out to the 150 foot mark and down to find temps. Puke and mongoose on rods already green flasher/dipseys and flies for sure. One long lead core full 10 colours always takes fish. Sounds like you had a pretty fun filled week  :rofl:

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