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Hemlock 36" Walleye - Hemlock 7/31

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I'm a little late reading this. LOL. Great job releasing it! You are a true sportsman. The big ones are no good to eat anyways compared to the smaller ones. I have fished hemlock for 45 yrs and have only caught 2 of them by accident. Both around 7 lbs and released. Its a shame the DEC wont allow the rod & Gun Club to continue stocking. This lake has a history of producing some of the biggest Walleyes in the State. In the 1940s and 1950s, Hemlock was at or near the top in the Whele (Genesee) Fishing Contest several times and those fish were in the 12-14 lb range. I guess they think guys would rather catch dink rainbows. Thats the official word. Nobody asked me..... Anyways awesome fish and job releasing it...Can't we change the DECs mind somehow on the stocking?

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