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Took my 14 yrs old nephew out this morning for his 2nd youth season.

With this wind i knew that he would have a tough time connecting on his shots so we went to the calmest spot i could think of.

The morning started off with 2 wood ducks landing in the spread. He jumped them and made 2 nice shots and was rewarded with 2 beautiful drake woodies. He then had a pair of mallards come in and he made a tough shot on a hen mallard at 35 yrds in the wind! We waited for about an hour with nothing then a hen mallard comes sailing in and he made another great shot. We went for about 45 mins without seeing anything but seagulls and comorants till we heard some geese honking. I looked up and some a flock of about 20 going over head so i grabbed the call and here they came even with the spin wings on. They got within 35 yrds and flared so i told him to shoot and he made another great shot as the goose was going overhead. That was pretty much the last birds we saw so we picked up at 930. I know a spot where there are some birds if someone wants to get their kid out. Its in the greece area.

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Good shooting there jr. Thanks uncle Bondouley for taking the nephew hunting, great to see the younger generation interested in the outdoors. Congrats to the both of ya.

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