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Lake Ontario Laker


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I got into some nice suspended lakers this summer while salmon fishing down 70 over 140 fow...I was wondering if some of you guy's could estimate the weight and age of this fish. I did not weigh it, I was working fast to get it back in the water for a quick release....but got the length at just over 36 inches. Any estimates?


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Both are good fish....Reel Overtime... If that was a Lake O fish you could probably Add 10 lbs to it.... The Lakers we caught this year were consistently the biggest I've ever had come over the rail. I cleaned a pile of em this year and they all had alewifes in them.

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Thanks Gambler...easily a PB by over 5 lbs. for me.

How old would a Lake O laker that size be ?

It is old enough that I would not eat it! I'm not really sure. The 34.06 caught on my boat was 27 but the one caught on the bar years ago at close to 40 was only 11 years old. I guess it can vary. I wonder if what strain it is makes a difference?
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