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Trolling Speed for Musky?

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That is not an easy question to answer. For one thing, most lures have an optimum trolling speed or speed range for best action. So you will need to watch lure action and try to make sure all the lures you are running are compatible, speed wise. Some lures are more sensitive to speed than others. Since the water temps are not very cold yet, you will not have to go too slow unless maybe if fish are inactive and hugging structure. Since you will be in a river with differences in current, that will be a factor as well. When you change your direction in relation to current direction or if you enter into an area where the current speed changes, you may have to compensate. Trolling cross current or at an angle to the current often is easier to control than with or against the current. But sometimes when working an edge, you have no choice but to go with or against it. Keep in mind that lures will go deeper with the current than they will against the current (with same amount of line out), depending on current speed and line diameter. And of course when you go against the current you need to be going fast enough to cover ground. If you find a combination that works for you, stick with it and pound the same area for a while because there are most likely more fish there. You can also try similar structure, etc. with same program or slight variations. You may also want to try jigging around deep structure or casting around shallower structure and weed beds. Especially at dusk and dawn in shallow. Areas where there are current breaks, temperature changes or color changes are good bets to try. A lot of the locals troll open and deep water with downriggers but that doesn't mean shallower 15 to 25 ft areas and the structure will not be productive.


Muskies are a special and very fragile resource in the St Lawrence, especially since it is an all natural fishery. So please be prepared to treat them kindly. Here is a  discussion in LOU about musky catch and release techniques.


Good Luck

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