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Tim Bromund

2016 LOTSA Salmon School

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Sorry for the late announcement on this guys, I've been crazy busy lately.


On Saturday January 23rd the Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Association (LOTSA) is once again hosting its Salmon School.  This highly successful School, in its 9th year, boasts six hours of instruction  taught by three expert Charter Captains; Pete Alex (Vision Quest-Port of Wilson, NY), Pete Lahosky (Prime Time-Port of Oswego, NY) and George Freeman (Free Style Charters-Port of Ludington, MI).


These three Captains have very successful Charter businesses along with a proven tournament track record of high placement over many years. They are a much diversified set of instructors and will provide a class full of insights and details that no one single instructor would be able to provide. They are all skilled educators with significant experience giving Seminars over the years. Each brings their own unique set of skills and knowledge to the class. Given the depth of the knowledge base of these instructors and their proven ability to educate Anglers, we expect this School to be the most comprehensive, in depth, information packed event ever presented at the LOTSA Salmon School.


for more information and to register for the School, please visit the LOTSA Website at www.lotsa.org



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last year was our first time and it was great.looking forward to going again this year.we booked our motel room early and got a great price,like 70 bucks a night.i posted the info.here on lou and some members tried booking the same motel a few weeks later and they paid over 100 bucks a night.so if you know you are going.book early!!!

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