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Watch out for rogue rocks


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yesterday I decided to give it a shot on the lake.it was just me and Tasha ,a few more mallards then I had seen the last time out..Well I got all set up and went back to get a chair and the gun,kept the dog in the boat till needed.Wouldn"t you know it I would trip on a rock and go flying,lol.Well I didnt fall in once but twice fiannly i got up and turned to my friend and i:d wouldn"t have loved to record her face.Ever see a dog laugh,lol.

I  laughed about the incident ,well its the first time Ive fallen in ,in 50 years of duck hunting

It wasnt very cold and while" damp" I stayed for a few hours.Saw very few birds flying seems they knew the warmth was returning again .Did see quite a few eagles soaring above,they sure put fright into the geese.

So next time I"ll bring some extra dry clothes and watch out for those rogue rocks


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I saw an Eagle in WNY on Sunday. They must be migrating with the rest of the raptors south. Nice to see they have come back well. Don't feel bad about the fall. While hunting a back slough at Upper/Lower lakes for ducks a few weeks back, I tripped on an underwater cattail rootball and got a little wet. First time duck hunting in 20 years and I forgotten you have to shuffle your feet while wading in the swamp. My brother got a chuckle.

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Man you guys need to be careful, it would have been a different situation for both had we had last years weather, being wet takes the starch right out of ya when the temp are way down. Quite a few years ago i fell through the ice crossing a stream I knew it want deep but everyone went before me without their guns, then it came my turn, I slipped & fell while all the other guns I slung over my shoulder mine I kept in my hands well I went down to save the others guns mine went into the drink and so did I up to my knees. The temp was in the teens my rifle was froze solid and my boots to my knees were froze needless to say I was done for the day!! My brother ran all the way to our vehicles they loaded me in and stuck me in front of the wood stove. That was the second to the coldest I ever was.

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