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2016 Oswego Pro Am dates set

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Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! And thank all those who came out for the 2016 Oswego Pro Am!! ]

The 2017 Oswego Pro Am dates are as follows:


2017 1K aDay- July 6-7-8-9


2017 Fat Nacy's Big Fish Friday-July 7th


2017 Oswego Pro Am-July 8-9


2016 Finishers:


Amateur Div.- 1st Trouble Shooter, Greg Dale; Thinkin Big, Rodney Brown; My Time, Greg Parker; Second Nature, Eric King; Warship, Mike Nardone


Pro Div.- 1st Oh Baby, Matt Leclair; Cold Steel, Tom Burke; Thrillseeker, Vince Pierlioni; Double Treble, Michael Lewis; Crazy ****, Tom Allen



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