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brown trout setup advice

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I've been using my spinning gear for many years for the browns, no line counters and I can set all my baits the same distance back within a foot or so and it very cheap and easy to do. I bring one line counter salmon reel to set them, you can even do it with out the rod if you want to save space.


Dig out of the recycle box a plastic bottle, a small one is fine with a screw on cap. Take the cap off and make a small hole in it. Feed the line from the counter reel through the cap from the outside and tie something on the inside of the cap so the line don't pull out, screw the cap back on the bottle. Now your ready to fish, simply let this little bottle back behind the boat the distance you want to run your lures at. Now grab the spinning rod let the lure FLOAT out next the bottle and close the bale, run it out the big board, repeat till till all lines are set.


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