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Navionics Platimum East V01.22

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This card came with a boat I purchased but it doesn't have the maps I need where I'm located.


Navionics HotMaps Platinum - East





This is a standard card, it does not have a removable microcard. $75 to your door CONUS.


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If that is the actual picture of the card it does have the micro SD in it


That is the actual picture and you are correct. Can you tell my inexperience in using these? Question for you, even though this states it's a Platinum East card, could maps from other regions be downloaded onto it instead from the Navionics website? If so I'll just do that instead of selling it. Thanks for your help.

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Some of the cards you do pick the area you want and download it. If it's an East card it should do anything in ny and other north eastern states


Ok thanks, I'll have to double check if I can get Lake Michigan and Huron on this thing, if not it will still be for sale so if anyone is interested while I check in the mean time please let me know. Thanks!

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