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pauls planerboard ?

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The website claims these are known by the fisherman of lake ontario charterboats:

http://shop.gltsupplies.com/merchant2/m ... Code=PB-X2

anyone ever heard of them? used them? and if so how did they work for you? My friend read a report and can't find it now when he was surfing one night and they claimed they ran a couple cores off them with no problem. Is this true?

Thanks for any info on them.

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Thanks that is the same info on their sales page. Was just wondering if as the ad says that lake ont fisherman are using them, and if anyone on this board has tried them.

Line Dancin;

You should talk with Captain Paul Dreher of Paul's Planer Board. Very friendly and knowlegdable. I'm sure he can round up some references or needed information .

Fortune Charters

Capt.Paul Dreher


[email protected]


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