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DIY Inline planer tattle flag w/ pics

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I rigged 2 off shore inline planer boards for $5.50. I did have some wire laying around, so I just purchased some springs and plastic washers.



First, take the off the flag and split ring with release clip.



Next, take the eyelet out of the front and move it to the back of the board. There is a predrilled hole.



Now, fashion your metal wire. It needs a hook on one end and a loop on the other. The loop will stop at the eyelet causing the flag to not go too far forward so you may have to play with it a little. I put a ruler down for reference (I just held mine up to the board as I worked and got a decent length).



Next, put the hook end of the wire through the eyelet and hook it on the top hole in the flag.




Now for the spring... Thread the spring through a hole in the nose of the board and then thread the other end in the flag's top hole. (Depending on the spring size there are multiple holes in the nose of the board for adjustments)



Next, put the screw in the lower hole of the flag and put a washer on the back of the screw. (I used 2 because they were thin.) Now put the screw back in and tighten down to the washer, but not too tight that it will restrict movement.




Lastly, put the split ring with the release onto the loop in the wire.


Pull the back release and flag should tattle, let go and it should pop back up,Adjust the screw or spring accordingly



Last tip... When running with this set up, you have to put slack between the front clip and the back clip in order for the flag to go down.

Tight lines!


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Thanks guys.

It really helps to stay on top of things especially when it's choppy. I once dragged a smallie for, well,couldn't tell you how long, but saw it jump 100' behind the board! After that I rigged up tattle flags.

Helps also with weeds and debris... A good amount of the time you'll see it go down just a little and not fly right.

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