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Canon DR repair

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I'm having some issues with one of my mag 10s. Took it apart and reconnected the Wires etc. not sure if it's the circuit board or what the issue is at this point, but none the less, I want to get it repaired. Does anybody know of anybody that repairs them in the Northeast Pa area up to Oswego / Mexico ? I'd like to be able to drop it off as opposed to shipping it. Appreciate the feedback.

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I believe you still can drop off at Woody's in Port Ontario and they get picked up and then returned to Woody's. I am not sure if it is fish307 that services them but it is a factory authorized shop that fixes them. Give Woody's a call...

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Chris...Fish 307 is about a 4-5 hour drive for you so don't bother. Take it to Screwy Louie's. You'll have it back in about week or so.

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