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Browns are still good early. We hooked up with 7 between 530 and 930...one of them took about 45 minutes to bring to the boat. Got tangled up from the first hit, doubled up and the second fish was lost after getting tangled in the first line. Brown was the largest i ever saw, right at the back when it finally came up i yelled "i i think i need a bigger net"...fish went crazy and swam away...i swear it was smiling at me the whole time. Oh well...another story of the one that got away. Size was good as well, had another 10 pounder. Others were smaller but still feeeding well. We had one hit from 830 to 930...so tried to go out deep and see if we could find a silver...only 1 hit in three hours on a high dipsy. Fished out to 200 and back in. Also hooked three alewives by the mouth...first for me. Browns we cut up were eating them well.

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After Ryan bolted out deep, I moved out to 65-90fow, in front of the trailer parks/camping grounds between Lighthouse and Maxwell. TONS of bait in that 50 foot down to bottom, as I did figure eights between 70-85 foot, pulling 3 leadcores (2,3,10 color) and running 3 riggers at 40, 50, and 60-65foot. We went 3-5 between 11am-1pm, including a very nice 10-11 lb Steelhead on a Green UV Tux down 60 foot, over 70fow. The 10 color pulling a UV Watermelon took a heck of rip and lost it about a minute into the battle. We had two wonderbread hits and a green frog take small kings, losing one behind the boat, as it was doubled up on the same rod, thanks to the free slider. Went back out in the late afternoon and went 1-3 in the same area between 5-7pm, another small king on a yellow/chartreuse NBK spoon down 50, over 80fow.

Absolutely a beautiful day on the water, still not seeing much in the way of any kings, as everyone else has heard. But browns and Steelies have been fun.

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