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Under water salmon strikes

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Nice footage and nice action on the lure too :yes: One of the things I have been interested for a while now in the underwater footage is how nearly always the  salmon come from underneath the spoons or pretty much straight on from the back. When flasher/fly or spinney /fly are used the fish are forced to go laterally or sideways to get the lure and they frequently seem to have a more difficult time catching it going horizontally and that seems to jive with my own experience of the "hit and runs" on the FF or Spinney combos.  I tie my own trolling flies and I have purposely made them a bit heavier in the head to slow them down without having much effect on the attractor itself to see if this helps with hookups.So far the results are inconclusive but I also use different materials for the fly itself so that could mess with results too but since I am catching with them I am reluctant to change for the sake of experimenting :lol: 

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