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Cayuga 7-17

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Fished out of long point, went 24-32 running a stacked rigger and dipsey. Lots of short Atlantic's but managed to find 10 keepers between the two of us. Atlantic's 20-50 down over 160-300. Lakers out 240 on the dipsey same depths. Took a nice rainbow to boot was a fun day. Black and white stingers took all fish

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we fished from deans cove today (sunday) was silver action and a few lakers . most of silvers were shorts but did  put a few in cooler for dinner . we used michigan stinger spoons in uv pink , blue and orange down 40 and 50 feet over 120 to 150 ft . fished east side and west . the east side seem to be the best for us 

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  We fished out of Dean's Cove at about 7 AM and trolled toward Sheldrake. Right off the start we were catching short Landlocks one after another, any where from 10" up to almost legal. They seemed to like any kind of spoon that had green on it. Water temp 80 feet down over 200 fow was 55 to 56 degrees. Most of the bites here were 80 and 90 feet on the downriggers.


  As we got closer to Sheldrake things died down so we decided to troll across to the East side. We picked up a decent Laker 3/4 of the way across in 330 fow.. Then the sun got bright and things got slow so I changed spoons to silver and brass. I bought a bunch of the blanks on ebay a few years back. The trout seemed to favor brass with orange tape Sunday. The water was 49.5 to 52 degrees down 80 feet on the sub troll 900. We picked up a nice rainbow on the Dipsy that put up a heck of a fight. He hit a silver and green spoon trolled back 200 ft on position 3. The brass took another good laker on the way back across to Dean's Cove. We caught a few more little LL. We didn't count the land locks but we threw back a lot of them without seeing even one keeper. We ended up close to the shute with two Lakers and the Bow in the box.


  That was the good part of the day. After picking up, we picked up speed and were running along fine when there was a thud in the lower unit and no more drive to the prop in forward or reverse. Fortunately we were close to the shute, the lake was flat, and as soon as I started paddling two guys in a bass boat came and towed us into Dean's. I thanked them for their help and headed up to get my truck. The bass boat guy was ahead of me and was pulling out of his parking spot as I got to the top of the steps. He had a flat tire on his boat trailer. Long story short, I was able to return the favor by changing his tire before he loaded his boat. It's not often I get to return a favor that quickly.


  Any way, my boat is an 1984 21' Thompson. It has the 188 hp 4 cylinder engine and Alpha one lower unit. I don't think I'm going to fix it. I'll just focus on my Wine Cruises. There are enough fishing Charter boats here.

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