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Yankee Troller's 4th of July Weekend - Sizzlin!

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7/4 - Well, after a short break from trolling to chase Bass we got back on the water to sharpen our skills before the last leg of the Pro-Ams. We set up lines out front of Sandy Creek around 6am and took our first shot on the wire dipsey out 225 pulling a white on white Spin Doctor and an A-TOM-MIK Wonderbread fly (my new favorite fly). This set-up would also take a small steelie later on that morning. While we were fighting that first King Salmon the 600' copper pulling a White on White SmartFish and an A-TOM-MIK Ultra Green Glow fly starts ripping line out. We eventually dropped that fish only to wonder if it was "the one!" We finally got our riggers to fire at 100', and guess what that King Salmon took????? If you guessed the Sea Sick Waddler then you guessed right! We would end up taking a few shots on that today with the biggest being in the 15lb range. Another rigger at 100' took a shot pulling a Dreamweaver SS Dave's Salmon Slapper, but we dropped it very shortly after it took our 100' rigger. Our 300 wires would both go pulling a NK28 Area 51 and a Dreamweaver SS Green Sparkle. Last fish of the day was another 600' copper fish with the same Smartfish/A-TOM-MIK combo. This one also ripped out line uncontrollably! Another one we would have liked to see, but this time it won. Ended the day boating 6 and loosing 6. Of course two of the ones we lost felt like REAL nice fish. Nothing boated was over 15lbs. Stay tuned as we will be derby fishing Saturday and Sunday with reports directly after we get off the boat!


7/5 - What a frustrating morning! We dropped lines a tad bit West of Sandy creek in 150fow. We started off 0 for 7! By the end of the day we would boat 8 fish and loose 8 others. Many skippys, but at the end of the day we put one in the boat around 17lbs on a white on white SmartFish pulling an Ultra Glow Green A-TOM-MIK fly on the 600' copper. We also dropped a SCREAMER on that same rig earlier in the day. Sea Sick Waddler off the riggers took a fish or two as did a Stinger Copper NBK. Riggers anywhere from 60'-100' down, and wires out 200 on a 2.5 took most of the shots.

Got off the water around noon and went home to hook up to the bass boat. Figured I would give Watoma Shoals a try for some Smallmouth Bass. Marked a few fish but only managed 3. I was dragging a a tube and tossing around a drop-shot with a 4' roboworm. Out of the three hooked I only boated 1, but it was a really healthy 3lb'er.

7/6 - Lit the water on fire today! We boated 18 fish and dropped 6. For the third day in a row we headed out of Sandy Creek around 5:30am and fished till 1pm. Much better than yesterday. 3 of the 18 were Lakers in the 11-12lb range. First thing this morning we took a 24lb Salmon on the wire pulling a Wonderbread J-Plug. Right after we boated that big guy we took a teenager on a Wonderbread A-TOM-MIK fly behind a White Spin Doctor. Our program today was 3 coppers, 4 wires, and 3 riggers. Our high wires set on a 2.5 out 225'-275' were smoking hot with area 51's and super glow/green Northern King 28's. Our low wires set on a .5 out 150'-200' pulling various SmartFish/A-TOM-MIK fly combos were our second best set-ups. Dreamweaver SS Green Sparkle, Copper NBK's, and Sea Sick Waddlers were taking fish on the riggers from 60'-125' down. We lost a SCREAMER on the copper pulling a White on White SmartFish/Ultra Green Glow A-TOM-MIK fly. Couldn't turn that fish and when we pulled it back in we had a the SmartFish minus a fly or leader (that's a first). We worked the 130-150 waters until it dried up around 11am and then slid out to 170-190 to finish the day and rods started to fly again. Plenty of fish out there for everyone, so go get 'em. Green was definitely the color today. We put a Steelhead and a King Salmon on the LOC Leader board today! Wish us luck, so we can stay on the board.

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YT. Thanx for the advice on the depth yesterday. My depth finder isn't showing much at all and I don't have down temp. The finder works ok for depth but thats about it. After I talked to ya I got a small king. Might get out tommorrow with another guy on his boat and give it a try. Congrats on a great weekend of fishing. Brian

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