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BIG salmon or trout

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Hi, I am new to Ontario and trying to pair up with someone to do some trolling for big salmon or trout. My boat is a new 2016 Clearwater 22ft. Offshore center console with a 200hp Yamaha with a new 15hp kicker moter. Two downriggers, dypsies, Humminbird helix 7 w/GPS, vhf radio, personal locator beacon, life raft, etc. I am looking for someone with experience that wants to jump on my boat to show me how to troll for big salmon or trout or would let me chip in on fuel to ride on their boat for a day to learn. I am probably going to book a guide in a couple weeks if anyone wants to chip in on that.




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Let me get this straight:  You know nothing about Lake Ontario (weather/waves/fog) - you don't have a GPS or knowledge of port settings (lat/lon) - no lake Ontario:  spoons/flashers/flies/rods/reels - no knowledge of local launching access & routine? Allow me to suggest an approach to the goal at hand:  Leave the boat home!  Travel up to the Port of your choice, ...visit the local tackle shop and ask "lots of questions"! Also, plan ahead and book with a "local" (recommended) Charter. Again, ask lots of questions and observations!  As I read what you have posted ...I find a lot of safety consideration and wisdom missing.  Lake Ontario is a different world, from inland lakes and offshore style fishing.  I wish you well ... Capt. Earl   ( Bag lady Charter)

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