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We had a good trip to Pt Breeze this weekend. First trip to the Oak and really enjoyed it, great place to fish out of. Fishing was decent for us, not smoking hot but we managed to get in to some decent kings up to #23 and some nice steelies.

Saturday we lost a few good fish on wire divers, bad knots & wire related issues. No real pattern to them we took fish on a bunch of different spoons and flasher/fly combo's, wire divers, riggers and full cores.

Sunday we did a lot of damage with a Yellow NBK Stinger on a full core and an Orange Super Slim, not sure of the name of the spoon, on an 8 color core (was a full core but we had a major tangle with another core line.) We started right out with a double in 130 fow and then went two hours without a touch. We then managed to pick away for the next few hours on steelies and kings. #23 king came on a green glo Opti Dodger and Hammer fly off a rigger about 80' down.

Making plans for next year. Some pic's of the better fish.






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We did, your boat is an aluminum cuddy Crestliner or Starcraft right?? Was looking for the boat and/or you dockside but didn't see either. We were slipped right out in front of the 4C's cabins I thought, 1st slip inside the end of the dock, in between "Lucky" and that Carolina Classic looking boat with the monster fly bridge & tower.

Sorry we missed you. DAN

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