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Where to stay (Oswego area)

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Usually launch out of Wrights Marina. Any campgrounds nearby and if so any pros/cons? Would not mind just tent camping since I can only come up for two days at a time with anew baby. I've read some on fairhaven state park. Looking for something that is close and easy to launch. Any tips would be appreciated. Basically just fish non stop when I'm up, so just looking to sleep for a few hours in between somewhere safe and legal. I know when I was young going with my dad we would just crash in the parking lot for a few hours before heading back out in the morning. Is this even legal anymore? Thanks for any tips/help.

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I'm pretty sure Oswego Speedway only charges for classic weekend. The designated all around area is to the North East of the track with a circular driveway. People leave their campers there all summer. They might allow tents down there for a couple nights. If you want to sleep on the trailered boat, the old price chopper parking lot East side of the river has some street lights close. Corner of East 2nd St. & East Cayuga.

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