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How deep do tigers go when the water gets warm?

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Muskys Anonymous....[emoji848] where should I start?....I'm glad u r familiar w Neil DeGrasse Tyson.....I'm a fan of him too....& I have heard him use that quote....unfortunately for u in this case... u r providing info w o facts to back it.....& it's true whether YOU believe it or not......so the FACT is according to NYS DEC.....after examining scales from Tigers caught in Otisco a 37 inch fish was 8 years old.....& the world record taken thru the ice was 46 inches & 11 years old.....look it up.....now I realize this is a small sample size.....but.....that kinda blows your theory to shreds......I just want people who read this to know what the facts really r......it takes more like 8-10 years for a tiger to reach 40 inches......I am sure that u feel big talking down to people by referring to your education....& obviously u are an outdoor God .....but unfortunately u decided to chime in on something u don't know the facts about....tigers may grow up to 10 inches per year for the first couple years ( & that would be extraordinary).....but the growth rate slows significantly after a few years ( down to only a few inches per year)....where exactly did u get your info on growth from?....maybe u should find easier targets to argue with....???? Someone who won't fact check....I read everything I can get my hands on re: tigers....& I back my arguments w sound scientific data..... Go argue w another scientist ....maybe they will cower to your superior education...& take it easier on u........please do respond & dazzle me w your intellect

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I am not sure about growth rate of tigers and I imaging it will vary from one body of water to another and also among differences in genes. I do know from pictures I have seen of fish caught and released in the Niagara River and Buffalo Harbor that a purebred musky only grows about an inch per year after it is in the mid 30s. This is from several accounts from anglers with pictures and measurements where it is obviously the same fish caught and released previously by another angler. Length is only one measurement of growth. I am sure they can grow to 12 to 15 inches in the first year but with every year, increase in length slows. Then they start gaining more in girth and weight.

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Look at that. Everyone was throwing their weight around a couple days ago and now we are being civil and I think everyone has learned something from this thread, even though we ventured way off topic.

Everyone one of us has an opinion. I am a die hard tiger fisherman. I certainly have my thoughts on creating better fisheries, but I am only one person. The Dec does a great job managing our waters, but by all means if someone has an idea, let yourself be heard.

There is no doubt crazy high fishing pressure on Otisco. I don't fish it enough to really voice an opinion. But I have seen some very unsportsmanlike behavior almost every time I've been there.

In my opinion, if Otisco is to be a true trophy class muskie fishery and destination sought by many from far distances, well it sure could use better management. The ice angling pressure is insane and most people haven't got a clue as to properly handle these fish. It's nothing to go there and catch 8-10 fish a day. Do the math. That's a ton of mortality.

Thank you to everyone who chimed in and spike their opinion. It was worthwhile.

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