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Ok, i pulled the flywheel off and found bad news - really BAD news. the plate that all the components under the flywheel are bolted to was loose on its pivot and caused all the components to knock against the spinning flywheel which made horrible wear marks on the tough steel magnets on the fly wheel and all the components. the stator turned out to be independent of the ignition system, only used to charge/maintain the battery. there was a smaller coil (i think it is the trigger) and the power pack with a hole in the side, most likely worn out by the flywheel, with a metal thingy in it. the hole looked like a groove or something. what should i replace? the stator and rectifier are separate from the ignition system and seem to be ok. the trigger is also ok. should i get a new plate or power pack. Or is it already not worth bugging this thing if a new power pack is 200$?

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