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Fort Niagara Launch

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Took a quick trip out of the Fort this afternoon. Just s heads up fellas. South launch is complete closed. Do not use the North Launch! The water is literally 6" deep at the end of the ramp. I'm not sure why they didn't dredge this before they shut down the south launch. Also there is a piece of rebar sticking out of the concrete about 6" near the end of the South dock at the North launch right near the end of the ramp. Unless your boat is 14' I would avoid this at all costs, launch in Lewiston - just a heads up.

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Not a good place to launch. I spoke with the NYS Parks individual onsite. They are installing floating docks at the south ramp. They are also installing a platform which will connect the south launch to the north launch. Sounds like a long overdue upgrade which won't be completed until next year. Possibly springtime I am told.

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