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reading material

I was hoping that someone could recommend a book on advanced trolling. Been doing it for a number of years but I could always learn something new. Thanks

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      This weekend I noticed that I was getting a false depth reading on my screen. The other 2 rigger lines were accurate. The rigger with the Sub troll probe was showing up twice as deep and near the bottom in 110 FOW. I was thinking that maybe the other Raytheon thru hull may be interfering with it so I shut that down and the problem persisted. The transducer on the Raymarine C90W is mounted on the transom and I usually operate them on different frequencies. Does anyone know how to remedy this?

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      Hi - Newbie here.   I am doing a pre-purchase on a 1994 Crestliner Sabre V205 with Volvo I/O. My first question is about the transom construction. The factory video and online info says that some boats have a plywood transom while others have composite.   How can I easily tell which one I have without removing the leg? When I look aft of the engine, I see plywood - but this doesn't make sense - doesn't Crestliner sandwich the transom between two sheets of welded aluminum?

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