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Have some extra stuff trying to free up some garage space.

-bimini top, doesn't fit my boat in very good condition it is 65 inches across, came off a 24' walkaround.$200 or best offer





dont really want to ship the big stuff. im in syracuse, but travel on the thruway often











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5 minutes ago, drag&snag1985 said:

Are the mast's in working condition if the line is replaced


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i would definitely replace the line on both, but it probably would work as is... all 4 pulleys work perfectly, the only issue really with either of the reels is that handle on one,the plastic reel cracked a little and its been repaired but honestly i wouldnt use it that way, though you could.. ... if i were to keep these i would just  order a replacement spool from bigjon for twenty bucks and swap it out and they would be good as new.. that was actuallt my plan, but im going a different direction with my planers..  my plan was to put a reel on each mast, and use them one each on either side of the boat.


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mast with reels only sold pending payment.  still have mast with pulleys and no reels, and bimini left

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