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Progress Toward Resuming Musky Stocking in Lamoka Lake

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Progress Toward Resuming Musky Stocking in Lamoka Lake

At the State of Lake Ontario Meeting we talked to Web Pearsall From DEC Region 8 and he told us that the DEC will be setting 3 seining nets in Lamoka lake this spring. If it is determined that there are muskies in the lake, it will be easier to make a case for stocking them in the lake again.


I asked him if there is anything we can do to help the cause and he told me it would be a great help to have more anglers participating the diary study. I told him I would keep trying to encourage more participation.


So I am asking you again, if you fish Waneta and/or Lamoka lakes and you would like to see muskies stocked in Lamoka Lake again, please help to contribute by doing the diary study. The information from the diaries is very helpful to the DEC in managing the fishery and justifying their work and future plans with our legislature in Albany. The more diaries they have, the more useful and accurate the information becomes. Also, if we can show that muskies are being caught in Lamoka lake and show substantial interest in resuming musky stocking in Lamoka, it will make it easier for them to justify stocking them in the lake again.

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