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2wd ATV on ice?

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2wd ATV on ice?

Do any of you guys run a 2WD ATV on the ice?  

That's what I've got, and considering getting a set of chains for my rear wheels. Before I did, I was hoping to hear your opinions on whether it's a good idea, or a waste of time/money without 4wd. 


Obviously not looking to go through crazy snow, just in reasonable conditions of a few inches max of snow and pull a sled of gear. 

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May be a little late for this season but I've been running a 250 Polaris explorer with chains on the rear wheels and it went great on smooth ice with little or no snow along as I didn't want to make a turn. It just kept going straight. I had to jump off and jerk the front end around to get me headed in the direction I wanted to go. I'd suggest chains in all four wheels or stud the front tires with the chains on the rears.

Just my experience.


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