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2017 Waneta/Lamoka Lakes Herbicide Treatment

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2017 Waneta/Lamoka Lakes Herbicide Treatment

Good news for this year!!


There will be no treatment in Waneta Lake this year and for Lamoka Lake, only a very small area in the southwest corner will be treated. The majority of the treatment will be in Mud Creek and Mill Pond below the south end of the lake. Click on this link for the treatment plan map.


It sounds like they are actually getting control over the eurasian watermilfoil.


They did not have to treat Waneta Lake last year and there was visible signs of desirable aquatic vegetation returning. Since the plant survey conducted by Cornell University in 2016 revealed very little eurasian watermilfoil they will not treat Waneta Lake this year. They also detected very little in the majority of Lamoka Lake.


Please do your part to make sure you are not bringing any weeds to the lakes when you launch there. Hopefully things will continue to improve there.

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