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Left Arnie's about 3:00 after the fog lifted and it took about 35 min to get out into the lake because the whole bay is a no wake zone. Started setting up in 50 fow and rode the waves east toward the bluffs. 2 sticks off one board and a 3 color of the other. Spoon down 6 ft on rigger, another spoon down 15 on another rigger and a flasher/ fly on a third hugging the bottom. Trolled for 90 min into 20 fow without a release.

Picked up n moved out to 150 fow. Put out the 3 color off a board, 180 dipsey with f/f , spoon on rigger 50 down, and a green flasher n mirage fly 100 down off rigger. Started seeing some fish on the bottom in 130 fow, thought they were lakers so I lowered the f/f to 120 and it popped. Turned out to be a 16 lb King. Fished till 7:00 and didn't move another rod. Good luck to everyone fishing this weekend!



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One is better than none, that what I have to show for this year:lol:

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