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20 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

I will be out midday.  I am lazy.

Truth be told. Those with the most experience have managed to find the late bites. I almost fell into this trap thinking I may be spoiled enough yet I must be humble and get up very early enough to find them. I will feel so guilty for going out too late in the day and land a big one!

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Of those who are launching a boat, how deep you dipping truck and how is the debris situation getting out?

Olcott launch is very well maintained. The debris is removed daily as evidenced by the pile in front of the gas tank. Truck doesn't need to go any further in the water than jut touching with the rear tires and with the pallets and plywood build up, you won't even need to get wet. The debris in the water in front of the piers has been spotty. Sometimes there's a minefield out there, sometimes it's not too bad. Just be cautious always this year for debris while running around, as it is a symptom of the high water

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