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Keuka Any Laker and panfish reports?

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I think in 5-10 years everyone is going to be talking about perch fishing in Keuka.  I am already seeing changes in the balance between alewives and perch.  Last years class was so intense that smallies were inside even in the depth hot summers when they use to be suspended over deep water.  They aren't puking up alewives but baby perch when you catch them.  I don't do lakers so I only have what I hear and I haven't heard a lot of positive things but I believe if people kept the smaller ones instead of the bigger ones it may be beneficial to the overall balance.


As far as perch fishing goes.  should be able to get 6 in perch all day with a few 10s mixed and the occasional 12.

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Finally got a laker.. accidentally.  Was out Sat. AM after bass and panfish, started in shallow and it was slow, so trolling motored out toward deeper water looking for fish on the fish finder.. Didn't see anything till 42 FOW. Looked like the top edge of steep drop off and several marks on the screen. It was a bit breezy so I threw a small brown jig downwind and let it sink. When the boat caught up to it, I reeled up the slack, and shazam, there was a fish on. Turned out to be a decent lake trout!   I have caught one or two like that over the past several years, but was very surprised nonetheless.


And.. like every laker I've caught in the past couple of years, no fish in the stomach just some brown goo.  Must be eating shrimp or insect larvae..

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