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SLR first week

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SLR first week

A couple of days late but here is what I found the opening week of bass season. We fished out of Chippawa bay all last week. we fished both in shore and out in the "Blue water". There were plenty of bass around both places and a lot of them were still full of eggs. Later in the week we started catching some large mouth that had spawned out so that was good. We also got some bonus eyes from the deep which were VERY healthy. One thing that I did notice was the fishing pressure. This was my 11th year in a row and some of the guys have been going a lot longer than that and we all agreed that the fishing pressure was greater than we ever saw. Some of it may have been due to the weather conditions that didn't allow for much shoal fishing. All in all it was another great week of fishing on the beautiful SLR. 

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