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Smallies are waking up....

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Its great to see a forum for the SLR.  

Anyone having luck with the smallies?  Typically we are killing them down along wolfe island in 22-28 feet of water this time of year.  The only ones im getting are still shallow in 10' of water on crankbaits, but the are few and far between.  Pike dont seem to be in their normal patterns either.  Anyone have some intell on depths?



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went out in the afternoon  with the old man and picked up a few more nice ones.  Not catching alot of them but the ones we get are nice. This one my old man got was in only 17' of water.  The others came in 23-30'.  Cant figure them out, they are spread out all over.5975fcae3678a_IMG_1261(1).thumb.JPG.1a37f078517535f2cf72a0b30cf651cc.JPG

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glad to see intell on SLR. coming up on vacation in 2 weeks for the month of August. Big river thanks for the info men.. keep it up...

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