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On the road at midnight, arrived Point Breeze at 4:30 am. Headed straight out to 170 FOW. , two riggers , with spoons and fixed cheaters and two dipsies with F/F. Steady pick of small Kings on the riggers, not one hit on the F/F . Ran into a "pod" of Coho out over 450 FOW , two doubles and two singles with only one to put in the box. Spent most of our time untangling and redoing leaders. Moved back in to 170-200 FOW to try and finish our limit of bigger fish, we needed two more to do this . Jason called to see how we were doing and told us the fish were a little west of where we where, turned to the west and put our last two in the box , ended up having to keep a big steelie that had bad gill damage, all others returned to fight again. On the road home at 1:30 after a two hour delay waiting to put the boat back on the trailer, what a MAD house at the launch!!



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