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Tiny Boat 82 Sea Nymph Restoration (help)

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Tiny Boat 82 Sea Nymph Restoration (help)

Hi all, I'm new to the site and wanted to get some feedback on my project. I have a 1982 Sea Nymph Fishing Machine and am completely restoring the interior and paint.


I decided to strip it down to the aluminum stringers. I have measured and cut the floor, now I'm sealing it with Spar Urethane, between 4-5 coats. I am trying to decide if and how to paint the boat because the paint is really ugly. I'd like to paint the boat a bright white and re-upholster the interior with tan carpet and do so for as little money as possible. 


The below pictures of my progress this far. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks 








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Welcome to the forum!


Tin boats forum and iboats forum might be a better source of info for boat restoration.


Those Sea Nymphs are nice little boats. Personally, I wouldn't paint it. I have a 16ft 1974 Sears row/utility boat that has about 4 or 5 coats of paint, all different colors, and all peeling at their own rate. It's an ugly boat because of all that peeling paint. There's black paint on the bottom too.  But it's a fish catching machine. I wish it was stripped down to bare aluminum like my aluminum Michi-Craft canoe. But that's just my opinion. See for yourself...



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