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Cayuga Cayuga report 7/22 pretty good day

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Cayuga report 7/22 pretty good day

Fished Cayuga on Saturday, got a few nice atlantics, a couple rainbows, and a couple lakers. Couldn't find a brown trout for the grand slam! Most fish came from 30-60' down over 80-120 feet of water. Not many marks out in the center of the lake over 200-400', did much better closer to shore. Nearly all fish caught on small hammered nickel stinger spoons, some with a little blue or green stripe. Trolling speeds of 2.2-2.6 seemed to be best. The wind had just enough southwest in it to move most of the debris out away from one side of the lake, but once I located the debris free zone, it was not a problem at all. Be prepared to deal with fleas, they are manageable but if you want to set the lines and run for hours at a time, you will be disappointed. The fleas force you to check and clean off each line fairly often, but thats not a bad thing because it improves your fishing to check them often for tangles, weeds, or fish that didn't trip the release. In any case, it was a pretty good day! I think it helped that it was cloudy, not bright and sunny... and also there were very few pleasure boats out in the morning. That combo added up to some good biting fish. It wasn't fast but the fish are there if you work for them!








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Thanks everyone, it was a good day. Like I said it wasn't fast and furious, I had to work for the fish, but it worked out good. I honestly think the cloud cover, and lack of pleasure boats, really helped a LOT.


To answer some of your questions - I fished the center portion of the lake, basically Sheldrake Point to Dean's Cove areas.


I caught several of those tiny Atlantics, which seems really promising for the future!


Yes I run a smaller 18' boat with two hand-crank downriggers, also use one sideplaner early in the season for surface fish. With two downriggers, I can run 2 lines stacked off each downrigger cable, sometimes 3 lines on each cable with 2 fishermen in the boat, if you are careful.


Also, I can stack sliders off of each rod/line... so basically with only two riggers, I can have up to 12 lures in the water in the water with two guys, 3 rods each. But most of the time I fish alone, so its 3 rods with sliders... ever try setting two riggers, a planer board, 3 rods, and 3 sliders while steering the boat in a straight line??? You should see me trying to net fish, especially if you hook up a double... But, the proof is in the pictures!

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I wanted to give a up-to-date report of Cayouga Lake. I fished on 7-28-17 from 7 am to 2pm.
I headed to Long point. Fished for first hour on west side south of Sheldrake and most of the time east side south of long point. Caught to lakers south of Sheldrake... both released.
Landed 10 Lakers near long point. Kept one. Landed 3 salmons .. kept 2. One salmon was 27 inches.
Fished in 90 to 180 fow. Used magnum dipsy on copper. One with ff combo. One with spoon. The spoon was superbly productive landing 12 of 15 fishes. Fished in 40-50 feet in depth at 2.2 mph. 2 of the 3 salmons were caught making a turn in 160-180 fow!!
I want also to thank all of you who share their info on fishing. I mostly fish south of the lake near Myers and taughannock. I wanted to try further north and without advices and this forum... It would have been very difficult for a fairly new Cayuga lake fisherman . Everyone sharing here is awesome. Thank you all . It made for a great day of fishing for me and my dad.

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