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Capt Vince Pierleoni

"Reelin' for a cure" Ladies Tourney August 18th

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"Reelin' for a cure" Ladies Tourney August 18th

This will be the 2nd annual "Reelin' for a cure" ladies fishing tournament, August 18th 2017, held in Niagara County out of Olcott and Wilson 6am to 12pm, (weigh in and party to follow.)  This event is an actual ladies competitive event that allows up to 2 men onboard. Interested teams/boat operators can contact via email [email protected]  or facebook @ reelin' for a cure for more info.

The main reason for this post is this event is growing rapidly. The number of interested womens teams is growing faster than boat operators willing to volunteer their boat that morning. Many of the boats that helped out last year came back this year with their own teams--leaving a shortfall to take out existing teams that dont have a boat. Because the boat operators are volunteering their expertise and vessel that morning, they DO NOT have to be a charter captain to participate. At this point the event has doubled in size, with more inquiries coming in daily. Last year over $5000 was raised for "Marys wig room", which assists women with the affects of chemotherapy. This year the benefactor is Breast cancer network of WNY--metastatic research..

If you want to help out an existing team(which are paying the tournament entry fee) with a medium to large vessel, or if you have a team in mind already please direct inquiries to the above contact addresses. Thank you from the Reelin' for a cure committee.

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Sounds like a great event. Thank you for organizing and starting a fundraising support tournament. Strongly encourage others to get involved.   My girlfriend is all set and will be fishing with Capt. Marc Bottone of My Bonnie Charters.  Will be in town Friday night, hopefully we can get together  in the evening.  I will bring the mortadella :)


Good luck to all!

Capt. Tony Sambunjak

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I was able to purchase raffle tickets from Steph ahead of time. Can myself and anyone else purchase tickets also, especially if they cannot attend actual function But want to donate/support  it ?

Thanks for all of you & SPECIAL thanks to Steph for the time and effort.




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