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8/20 Sandy Creek

Got talked into towing out to Sandy Creek and am glad I did.  Started out in 140 feet of water and set up heading west and angling out deeper.  Things started firing at about 175 feet of water.  Steady pick of kings and steelhead all morning.  We finished up 12 for 15.  2 kings were in the low 20s, the rest were teens and steelies.  Kings were hitting on the deep stuff, riggers out 110 and 120 (12 lb torpedos).  Divers were out 220-300.  We took hits on everything.  Early the two face spin dr with stud fly was the thing.  The steelies were hitting the wonderbread spoon and a magnum dirty hairy.  King meat head rig took a few hits and then they went back to hitting the stud fly.  


Temperature was in pockets, sometimes it was there and sometimes it wasn't so we ended up doing figure 8s through one small area and took hits almost every time through it.  Sub troll was acting up so speed was gps, 1.7 in east direction and 2.1 or so on the west troll.  

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