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Rochester 8/27. Big Coho!

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At 6:30 am We started out deep this morning by going straight out of I Bay to 450 fow.
We started the day with a very large coho that took the cheater and totally destroyed the spoon. For what it is worth, it was a decent fight and the fish was released successfully. After I sent the photo to captain Larry Hammond and he has alerted me that this was the biggest coho he has seen.
Riggers parked at 90 and 100 with yellow green spoon along with the cheater evil eye black and gold and atomic spin doc on the other. Wire diver out 230 and 270. With cut bait and pro troll flashers. 500 copper down the chute with another cut bait and flasher. Trolled between 450 and 550 between the river and east of ibay. We did six fish for the morning, coho kings and steelheads.
Picture here shown took 4 fish while the diver took a steelhead . IMG_3385.thumb.JPG.7f32e73a66919683269f5b28e6aabcff.JPG
Good luck out there with the LOC!
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