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Cayuga 9/7

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Hit cayuga yesterday around 7:30-12ish. Deans and went north a bit and went into 50 fow just for the heck of it. Had two riggers down 40 and two divers of the sides one with flasher fly the other with a Sutton spoon. Got two nice pickerel and a huge jack perch non of which I was trying for. The slipped out deeper started picking up lakers and a few small salmon. Switch over to gambler rigs with cowbells running 85ft down in 90 fow when one of the rods goes off I hand it to my girl and she starts reeling it up and she keeps complaining she can't reel any line in I told her it was probably a decent laker so take your time don't horse him in. She spent a good 10 minutes to bring it to the surface and another 5 getting it to the boat. Turns out it was a nice bow. Hit a green spin and glow behind a cowbell on the bottom ?!?!? Weird. I remember another guy on canadagua caught two bows on the spin and glows a few weeks ago too.




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Nice rainbow. Looks as though your girl was busy trying to prevent a bad hair day for you too :lol: In addition to the great Gambler rigs, the cowbell /peanut and cowbell/Spin N Glow both can produce bows, brown and landlocks as well as the lakers but just not as frequently. They also work behind flashers or dodgers or Spin Docs for them.

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